School Uniform

The School expects a student’s dress and grooming to reflect high standards of personal conduct so that her attire promotes a safe and positive atmosphere within the school. Parents/Guardians are requested to assume responsibility and co-operate with the school authorities in order to ensure that the students adhere to the school’s specific dress code.

  • Any form of jewellery like chains, rings, nose pins etc. is not allowed in the school.
  • It is compulsory for students to wear petticoat/under-shirts in summer.
  • Parents will be contacted about their child if the school administration feels that the dress code is violated or if the student’s appearance causes a disturbance or a distraction.
  • Sstreaking/colouring hair, applying nail polish or keeping long nails and tattooing is strongly prohibited as it steals the educative atmosphere from the class room and school campus.

Summer Uniform

Boys Dress Code

Green Shorts/Long Pants + Cream Shirts + Green Socks + Black Shoes + Belt

Girls Dress Code

Green Skirt + Cream Blouse + Green Socks + Black Shoes + Belt

Winter Uniform

Boys Dress Code

Grey Pants + Full Sleeve Shirts + Green Jersey + Jacket + Belt + Tie for Classes I and II

Girls Dress Code

Same as above for P.W to Class II, Class II onwards Blazer + Skirt + Full Warm Stockings + Shirt + Jesey + Belt +Tie

All festivals of all religions are celebrate at the morning assembly to inculcate a pure spirit of secularism among the students.