1. For maintaining safety and security of the students it is compulsory to wear identity cards to the school on all working days.
  2. Parents are not permitted to walk into class_rooms or interview teachers during class hours.
  3. You should give sufficient attention and time to your children and help them in their studies at home.
  4. You are requested to make the payment of school dues on time through the Fee card. The dates of payment given on the Fee card should be carefully noted.
  5. Pupil,s name will be struck off the rolls if dues remain unpaid for 2 months, Re _ admission if granted will only be when all previous dues are cleared.
  6. If you want to withdraw your child / ward from the school, one month prior notice has to be given to the school. Security will only be refunded with one month notice of withdrawal to the school.
  7. Fee card has to be produced at the time of each payment. New Fee card can be obtained at Rs.10/- if misplaced or lost.
  8. Fee once paid will not be refunded.
  9. Please pay school fee on time to avoid the penalty.
  10. Please do not send a sick child to school. The child will be sent back and the school management will not be responsible for any mishap.
  11. No parent is permitted to enter the school campus in an inebriated state.
  12. No parent is permitted to use abusive language in the school campus. Entry of such parents will be debarred and the child will be expelled.
  13. No parent is permitted to threaten any employee or student of the school. The result will be his / her child,s expulsion.
  14. Parents must encourage their child to participate in school functions & school activities.


  1. Using abusive language and misbehaving in the school or in the school bus.
  2. Bringing obscene matter or audio- video material. Bringing alcohol or any type of drugs.
  3. Remaining absent for a week or more without any intimation to the principal.
  4. Misbehavior, disobedience or damaging school property.
  5. Injuring any person on the school campus or any person belonging to the school.
  6. Inviting or bringing outsiders into the school campus to settle disputes with another school student or employee of the school.
  7. No pupil is allowed to bring any sharp-edged object or any weapon to school. Any violation of this rule, the pupil in question will be expelled from the school.
  8. Stealing any article from the school campus.
  9. Assaulting physically any employee of the school or fighting with any pupil.
  10. Not paying school dues for two consecutive months.
  11. If a pupil,s parent abuses any teacher / member of the committee / employee of the administrative wing.
  12. If a pupil is caught bunking school and absconding. The school will not be responsible.
  13. If a mobile phone is brought to school without the Principal,s permission.
  14. Damaging the school property.