School Annual Function

School holds the annual function at the end of every year. This gives the students a chance to showcase their talent. Prize distribution is also done during the function honouring the deserving students.


Beyond the Classroom

Fully AC School. Tours are organized for senior students once a year. Groups are sent to hill stations and holiday destinations like Agra, Delhi, Rajasthan etc. One day trips and picnics are organized for the juniors.


Hobby Classes

At the Indo-British School, we believe that inside every child lies the imagination of a Shakespear, the genius of a Ravi Shankar, the boldness of a Picasso and the grace of Rukmini Devi. To give vent to their expression, the children are encouraged to join the hobby of their choice and pursue it under the guidance of the teachers.


Hobbies Offered

Yoga, Aerobics, Public Speaking, Cookery, Bhangra, Glass Painting, Classical Dance, Card making and Gift Wrapping, Personality Development, Environment Club, Science Club, Electronics, Vocal Music, Art & Craft, Instrumental Music etc.



The school has spacious and well equipped library which has more than 3000 books including reference books, manuals, Encyclopedia, journals and newspapers.


Science / Maths Lab.

The school has a well equipped composite Science Lab for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The students under the guidance of the teachers regularly conduct practicals.

To understand the concepts of Maths better the school has provision for the Maths lab.


Fitkids Education and Training

The school started the Leap Start Programme popularly known as Fitkids Education and Training based at Bangalore. This programme is based on Project Spark which was conceived in US to address the needs of physical fitness and life long wellness of the children. The main idea behind starting this programme is to maintain and increase students health to improve fundamental movement and sports skills, to motivate the children to become active in the outside world. It is indeed one of the best fitness programs of the world.



Smartclass Class Transformation System (CTS):

Smartclass CTS offers a holistic teaching learning experience with every possible instruction and assessment element required by the teacher in class. Be it animation.question Bank, mind maps, worksheets ,unique teaching ideas ,real life applications of concepts, topic summaries, webllnks,diagram makers, simulations and teacher created resources.

Smartclass CTS enables Teacher to effectively and seamlessly engage,explore,explain,elaborate and evaluate learners with a host of instruction and assessment materials made available to them through an easy to use interface.



3D- 2D Animations with rich graphics that help teachers to explain any abstract concepts to students.


Real Life Applications:

To help students understand various concepts and their relevance In day-to-day life. We are providing every chapter (wherever relevant and possible) with real life applications. These are quick and short notes that will help students to appreciate the application of theories and concepts in life and also understand the significance of past events on our current lives.


Parents Teachers Interaction

In order to establish a good relationship between the school & parents normally meetings are held on the last Saturday of every month to discuss the progress of each child



The school arranges coachings classes for the students who appear for the National Talent Search Examination conducted by NCERT New Delhi.


Counselling Cell

Stress and anxiety weigh heavily young minds.Being focused is at times difficult.Counselling helps young learner to overcome all hurdles and move ahead.right guidance not only boosts their morale but enables them to evolve them to better strategies to face and Excel.The school teachers assist the students by being a friend and a guide. Once a week the Principal meets each class listen to them and give a general lecture to develop good value system.


Spoken English

In this high-tech world and rising globalization spoken English is the need of the hour. It is the language which bridges the East and the West.Keeping this demand of future world in the mind,spoken English has been made compulsory.It is mandatory inside the school for the teachers and students to communicate in English.


Test & Examination

The students of all classes take unit tests,terminal exams & annual exam.At the end of every test & exam progress report card of the student is shown to the parents.Promotion to the next class is monitored on the basis of the performance of the students through out the year.



Caliigraphy is also an art and it comforts and pleases the reader.It is for this reason the beautiful shapes,curves and lines of the alphabets are taught to the children the day they enter the school.



To stand in times of power cuts two 125 KVA generator sets are installed.