Mission Statment

Our mission is to provide all students with a quality education, including effective communication, critical thinking and relationship building skills to become a good human being.


Educational Vision

Our vision is of a india in which all our people have access to lifelong learning, as well as education and training, which will, in turn, contribute towards improving the quality of life and building a peaceful, prosperous and democratic India.

The Society considers schools as effective agents in promoting the integral formation of the child in the Spirit of love and freedom a love that excludes no one because of religion, region, nationality or race in order to shape a better human society.

Its educational service aims at moulding students to be intellectually competent, morally sound, psychologically whole, spiritually responsible, growing in friendly and harmonious interpersonal relationship, imbued with a deep sense of noble values and concern for the less fortunate, and ever open to further growth.


  • Help to prepare educational professionals recognized for the quality and significance of their teaching, research, scholarship, service, outreach, and leadership.
  • Provide widely recognized leadership in the improvement of teaching, learning, and the assessment of educational outcomes across the life span through research, scholarship, and technology.
  • Enhance the commitment of faculty, staff, and students to the centrality of diversity, social justice, and democratic citizenship.
  • Provide leadership in the development of collaborative, professional relationships with schools, organizations, and other institutions focused on the improvement of education in schools, communities, and workplace settings.
  • Sustain a caring, supportive climate throughout the College.Enhance the effective and efficient management of the College.